Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ranthambhore Tiger update

An update on the female tigers of the tourism zone in Ranthambhore, courtesy Dicky Singh of Ranthambhore Bagh:
  • All the mature females of the tourism zone of Ranthambhore have cubs right now: T 8 with one cub, T 19 with four cubs, T 39 has cubs (though no one has seen them as yet) and T 41 with one cub. Besides these, there are three or four young females that have either just come of age or are still too young to have cubs. Besides these females, there are about 14 males that can be seen in the tourism zones.

The photo below is something I clicked 2 years ago. The tigress in the photo is T 39 and she had just then given birth to her first cub. I am glad to hear she had a second one this year.
If you enjoy nature and wildlife, and wish to visit a tiger sanctuary, right now is the best time to do it. April, May, June are the best time for sighting tigers as the undergrowth will be less thick, and the water sources limited. Here is T 39 walking thhrough the shrubbery just a few feet from us. Can you imagine this scene in winter, when the forest is green and dense? The tiger would be impossible to see! So go now, people, while there are fewer tourists in the jungle.
More photos here:

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