Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chameli Farsh at the Taj Mahal

The Chameli Farsh, or the 'Jasmine Carpet' has floral marble designs set in red sandstone. Although it is visible all around the Taj, you should get to the Tahkhana, to really enjoy the effect.
The Tahkhana is an elevation on the northern side of the Taj, where it faces the river Yamuna. The flooring, like the rest of the Chameli Farsh is clad in red sandstone and framed with marble inlay. Tahkhana also has a series of arches that open up into a gallery of rooms, that are connected by a narrow corridor. Unfortunately the inside of these rooms is now closed off.

The Chameli farsh has a slight incline, towards this river, and according to some historians this may be increasing. Though this is an inevitable consequence of constructing a building of this size, it also raises some concerns about the stability of Taj in the future.

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