Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lord Shiva's sculpture at Albert Museum in Jaipur

Fine sandstone sculpture of Lord Shiva's head, 8th Century, in the Central Museum Jaipur (Albert Hall Museum). The finely chiseled facial features and the subtle smile show the high artistic and empathetic skills of the time. The third eye is clearly visible and the elaborate hair arrangement is beautiful.

The sculpture is from Baansi, near Udaipur. Bansi (or Baansi) is one of the principalities under the house of Mewar (Udaipur kingdom). It is about 2hrs drive from Udaipur, in Chittorgarh district, and known for its temples. The Shaktawats who ruled Bansi are patrilineal descendants of Prince Mir Shakti Singh, a brother of Maharana Pratap of Mewar dynasty. The area got its name from the many bamboo trees (baans) in the locality. It is primarily a Hindu area with many hills and temples.

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