Friday, February 27, 2015

Lullaby worthy of a Kerala king.

How can a lullaby be deign to be worthy of a king? When it is composed especially for them, of course. 
This was the case the king of Travancore, Swati Thirunal.

"Swathi Thirunal of Travancore" by Stephen Crening - COMPANY SCHOOL WATERCOLOURS. (From Wikimedia Commons)

The king was considered a good omen even before his birth, with good reason. At the time, under the Doctrine of Lapse, if the king died without a male heir, the kingdom would be annexed by the East India company. 

 Such was the relief in the royal family that the unborn child was anointed king (they didn't know it would surely be a boy).

When the child was born, the Queen requested the composer Irayimman Thampi to compose a lullaby for him. And a beautiful creation was formed.

Sung by KS Chitra (the video has English subtitles), the highlight of the song is that it leaves the plea 'go to sleep' silent. It merely plays soothingly
and the baby gets the point.  


Coincidentally, Swati Thirunal was a key figure behind the revival of music and art, geographic divides did not matter to him. Fluent in ten languages, he is credited with more than 400 compositions in Carnatic and Hindustani music.

We are told that the child's talents may be created and honed in the womb. Hearing this song, it is easy to agree. 

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